Veterans Campaign is the only non-partisan, non-ideological organization whose mission is to encourage, mentor and prepare veterans for a "Second Service" in civic leadership. 

We believe that our country’s veterans are a valuable yet largely untapped source of civic and political leaders. In a recent study by Civic Enterprises, over 90% of veterans expressed an interest in continuing their public service. Veterans possess many qualities our country and communities need in our civic and political leaders: a commitment to serve, outstanding leadership experience in the face of adversity, familiarity with a broad cross-section of American society, and an intimate understanding of the human consequences of Washington’s foreign policy decisions. Yet few are challenged to pursue a "second service" in civic leadership--we hope you join us in recruiting, mentoring, and preparing the "next Greatest Generation" of America's leaders.

Our programming includes:

  • Campaign Training Workshops: Veterans Campaign holds weekend workshops across the country to teach Veterans the fundamental skills they need to run a successful campaign.
  • Distinguished Speakers Series: A monthly forum for veteran politicians and senior leaders in government to share their experiences and answer questions with aspiring veterans in an informal environment.
  • Research and Analysis: Veterans Campaign continually researches the performance of veterans in politics, including successful campaign tactics for veterans on the local, state, and federal levels.
  • The Candidates Field Manual is a one of a kind guide, published by Veterans Campaign, that provides veterans with everything they need to know to win

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