The Candidate's Field Manual:

The Candidate's Field Manual, our signature guidebook, is the only campaign manual designed specifically for vets.  With nearly 200 pages of veteran oriented strategies, anecdotes and advice, including a comprehensive directory of elected veterans, it is a must have for any serious candidate.  

With submissions from members of The Truman National Security Project, the former director of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and nationally recognized political fundraisers, consultants and campaign staff, the Field Manual will give you the information to build a successful campaign.

Although we're always trying to expand and improve the Manual to better equip you to succeed, we are planning on publishing it soon.  Each workshop participant receives a free Field Manual.

It is critically important that we elect more veterans to Congress. Now is the time for truth and leadership—the American people are asking for this every day, and veterans can deliver on both.
— Congressman Chris Gibson