Question: When is your next workshop? How do I come to one?

Answer: Our next workshops will tentatively be held in October 2015, February 2016, and May 2016. Sign up here for future workshops or read more about it under the workshops tab. You can always sign up for our newsletter and we’ll contact you with registration times and future event details.

Question: I’ve thought about running for office, but I have little to no political experience. Will your workshops be appropriate for me?

Answer: Absolutely. Veterans Campaign’s workshops are designed to train participants regardless of experience. Instructors will cover general topics that apply to all levels of campaigning, from the local school board to federal office.

Question: What makes Veterans Campaign different from other campaign training programs?

Answer: Veterans Campaign is designed to complement other training programs, not compete with them. Veterans Campaign is the only program specifically designed for military veterans. In addition to teaching campaign basics, instructors focus on issues that specifically apply to veteran candidates, such as presenting your military background, interfacing with the veterans within your community, legal issues that uniquely pertain to veterans, and bulletproofing your service record.

Question: I am a veteran running for office. Can Veterans Campaign support my campaign?

Answer: As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization that is strictly non-partisan and non-ideological. We are best thought of as an educational organization: we teach veterans and transitioning service members about civic and political leadership, but do not promote specific policies or endorse political candidates. However, we do seek to be a personal educational resource for veterans and their supporters who may be running for office or advocating for policies they are passionate about. Please consider attending a workshop, attending a lecture, and learning from the materials available on our website.

Question: Can I volunteer to help Veterans Campaign?

Answer: Absolutely. Veterans Campaign depends on volunteers and pro bono work. Whether your skills are in mentoring or coaching aspiring veteran leaders, specific expertise in campaigning or civic leadership, assisting in convening our community, promoting our mission and organization, accounting, public relations, or simply elbow grease, Veterans Campaign can use your skills and enthusiasm to help foster the "next Greatest Generation" of America's leaders.

If you are interested in more information on how you can help, please email:

Question: Is Veterans Campaign progressive or conservative?

Answer: Neither. Veterans Campaign trains veterans of all political and ideological stripes. Our speakers and trainers come from across the political spectrum and act in a non-partisan capacity.

Question: Does Veterans Campaign engage in lobbying of any kind?

Answer: No, Veterans Campaign exists solely for educational and civic participation purposes.

Question: Is Veterans Campaign a non-profit organization?

Answer: Yes. Veterans Campaign has been granted tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax deductible. Our EIN is 27-0226287 and our CFC code is 58763.

Question: I’m still serving in the Armed Forces or am a military retiree. Can I attend Veterans Campaign’s workshop?

Answer: Yes, attending our workshops in a personal capacity and civilian attire is an educational and professional development opportunity, not partisan political activity. In fact, one of the topics we cover our curriculum is what you need to know about Department of Defense Directive 1344.10, which governs partisan political activity by service members and retirees. Most of our staff and instructors are Reservists and veterans ourselves--we take these regulations as well as our military and our organization's non-partisan nature very seriously. Any violation of these practices (such as attending in one of our events in uniform or promoting a partisan agenda within our community) will preclude you from further participation. 

Question: I’ve never served in the military. Can I still attend a workshop?

Answer: Yes, however given our mission, veterans, transitioning service members, and other members of the military community receive priority. While Veterans Campaign’s workshops are tailored to students with a military background, we certainly support other individuals and organizations similarly committed to public service. In particular, if you plan to work on the campaign of a military veteran, we expect that you will find our workshops to be quite valuable.

Question:  How can I get a copy of your guidebook for aspiring candidates?

Answer: The Candidate’s Field Manual is intended to be an accompaniment to our workshop curriculum, analogous to a Soldier's Field Manual or a textbook in an academic class. We understand many aspiring civic and political leaders may not be able to attend a workshop and we still want to make this resource available to them, however it has been disheartening for us to see so many aspiring leaders consider the Field Manual a substitution for more in-depth training. We have an ethical obligation to our Board, our donors and supporters, and, in our minds, our fellow veterans that if we are encouraging and enabling you to pursue civic and political leadership, we are going to see you through it. Mentorship and in-depth, on-going instruction are absolutely critical components to your personal and professional development--we don't turn away vets who want our help, but we hope you understand that "manually" putting that support in place for vets outside of our workshops, Fellowship program, and formal mentoring process presents a tremendous ongoing strain on our time and finances. We are currently building an online training platform to address this need, but in the mean time you can preview the Field Manual here. If you are ready to make a commitment to pursuing a "second service" in civic leadership, you may request a copy by emailing We hope (but do not require) that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more to help us offset the cost of compensating its authors and funding our ongoing mentoring and advising efforts.

Question: How many veterans are currently in elected office? How many are running?

Answer: For detailed information on candidates and elected officials who have served in the military up to 2014, please see our Field Report