Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon correspondent, visits Veterans Campaign's second workshop and profiles two workshop participants.

Executive director Seth Lynn is a co-author of the bestselling book, In the Shadow of Greatness.

April 2013


Jill Biden Launches Listening Tour on Veterans at GW


November 2012

9 Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Headed to Congress

Iraq and Afghan War Vets Win Elections 

From Washington D.C.-"The Military Vote"

Fewer veterans to serve in Congress in 2013

Iraq, Afghan War Veterans Made a Strong Showing in Election

An Almost-Sure Winner: The Ranks of House Service Veterans

Veterans of Recent Wars Running for Office in Record Numbers

Tuesday Could Mean More Vets in Congress

Study: Number of Veterans in Congress Likely to Increase with Election

September 2012

More veterans on political battlefield: Ex-servicemen aiming to grow ranks on Hill.

Many Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans choosing 'second service.'

Seth Lynn Speaks About in the Shadow of Greatness

August 2012

Battle-tested, Female War Veterans Run For Congress

April 2012

Military Officers Association of America: Reservist Spotlight

February 2012

Army Times: Number of Veterans in Congress Rises

Huffington Post: Veterans Face Challenges on Campaign Trail as Economic Struggles Dominate the Debate

November 2011

USA Today: Fewer Members of Congress Today Also Served in Military

May 2011 Veterans Campaign: US Military Veterans in Politics

February 2011

Military Connection: Veterans Campaign Training Workshop Nonpartisan Group Teaches Vets How to Run for Office

The American Legion: Veterans Learn How to Run for Office

January 2011

CNN: Veterans in Congress at Lowest Level Since World War 2

Newswise: George Washington University's Veterans Campaign  to Host Boot Camp for Veterans Interested in Running for Public Office

Americans in Wartime Museum: Veterans: Want to Run For Public Office?

September 2010

CNN Political Ticker - Iraq vets fight for re-election

June 2010

Politics Daily - Veterans for Congress: Mobilizing to Serve Their Country Again

April 2010

CNN- From War to Campaign Combat: Military Vets on the Political Battlefield


November 2009

Roll Call- Members Walk in Veterans' Boots

October 2009

Marine Corps Times - Event Encourages Vets to Run for Office