Veterans Campaign in the News


Silicon Valley Daily: Craig Newmark Donates $200,000 to USF for Masters of Arts in Public Leadership Program - 07/11/18

Broadway World, Washington DCVeterans Inspired Fourth Of July Celebration And A Performance By Anthony Kearns - 07/10/18

The Fayetteville Observer: Veterans seeking elected office get boost from ‘Craigslist’ founder - 06/27/18

Christian Science Monitor: Taking the Hill: Why more veterans are running for Congress - 05/25/18

USF News Releases: University of San Francisco & Veterans Campaign Launch Online Masters Program to Prepare Veterans for a “Second Service” in Civic Leadership - 05/16/18

MilitaryTimes Reboot Camp: New degree program aimed at helping veterans run for public office - 05/14/18

Houston Chronicle: As Texas veterans decline in Congress, former soldiers step up recruiting - 04/26/18

Chicago Tribune: After Iraq and Afghanistan, pioneering women in the military set sights on Congress - 02/04/18


TIME Magazine: This New Political Group Thinks More Veterans in Office Can Fix Congress - 11/07/17

POLITICO Magazine: Why Democrats Fall So Hard for Military Candidates - 08/08/17 Bipartisan Tribute to Veterans and Those Serving in Congress Was Smashing Success - 07/24/17

NBC News: Women Vets Take Aim at a New Target: Public Office - 05/29/17 If You Want to Run for Office (and You Should), Start With These Resources - 01/02/17


Fox News: Where are the veterans in office? Path from combat to Congress fading - 04/30/16


The Kansas City Star: U.S. Senate race in Missouri highlights changing attitude about candidates’ military service - 03/01/15

U.S. News: A Different Kind of Service; Military veterans bring a special perspective to Congress. - 01/08/15


Dallas News: Last of World War II vets leaving Congress - 11/20/14

Politico: From Army to Congress, a tough mission - 11/11/14

Los Angeles Times: After years of declining numbers, veterans in Senate may gain a seat  - 11/06/14

The Hill: Three veterans elected to Senate - 11/05/14

USA Today: Younger vets heading to Congress in bigger numbers - 11/05/14

Defense One: Here’s Why the Midterms Are Not a National Security Mandate - 11/05/14

The Hill: Female vets charge into office - 11/02/14 Vets in Congress Could Hit Lowest Level Since World War II - 10/30/14

USA Today: Veterans in Congress could plummet after elections - 10/21/14

The Hill: Report: Fewer veterans serving in Congress - 10/20/14

NPR: Female Vets Say They'll Put Country First, Even On Capitol Hill - 10/15/14

Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon correspondent, visits Veterans Campaign's second workshop and profiles two workshop participants.

Executive director Seth Lynn is a co-author of the bestselling book, In the Shadow of Greatness.



GW Today: Jill Biden Launches Listening Tour on Veterans at GW - 04/15/13


Newsmax: 9 Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Headed to Congress - 11/12/12

CNN: Iraq and Afghan War Vets Win Elections - 11/10/12

From Washington D.C.-"The Military Vote"

USA Today: Fewer veterans to serve in Congress in 2013 - 11/07/12

Stars and Stripes: Iraq, Afghan War Veterans Made a Strong Showing in Election - 11/07/12

New York Times: An Almost-Sure Winner: The Ranks of House Service Veterans - 11/05/12

Stars and StripesVeterans of Recent Wars Running for Office in Record Numbers - 11/05/12

Army Times: Tuesday Could Mean More Vets in Congress

GW Today: Study: Number of Veterans in Congress Likely to Increase with Election - 11/2/12

Washington Times: More veterans on political battlefield: Ex-servicemen aiming to grow ranks on Hill. - 09/30/12

Fox News: Many Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans choosing 'second service.' - 09/30/12

C-SPAN: Seth Lynn Speaks About in the Shadow of Greatness - 09/10/12 Battle-tested, Female War Veterans Run For Congress - 08/23/12

Military Officers Association of America: Reservist Spotlight - 04/01/12

Huffington Post: Veterans Face Challenges on Campaign Trail as Economic Struggles Dominate the Debate - 02/22/12

Army Times: Number of Veterans in Congress Rises


USA Today: Fewer Members of Congress Today Also Served in Military - 11/11/11 Veterans Campaign: US Military Veterans in Politics Nonpartisan Group Teaches Vets How to Run for Office

The American Legion: Veterans Learn How to Run for Office - 02/14/11

Military Connection: Veterans Campaign Training Workshop - 02/11/11

Newswise: George Washington University's Veterans Campaign  to Host Boot Camp for Veterans Interested in Running for Public Office - 01/25/11

CNN: Veterans in Congress at Lowest Level Since World War 2 - 01/21/11


CNN Political Ticker: Iraq vets fight for re-election - 09/08/10

Politics Daily - Veterans for Congress: Mobilizing to Serve Their Country Again

CNN: From War to Campaign Combat: Military Vets on the Political Battlefield - Vimeo


Roll Call - Members Walk in Veterans' Boots - PRINCETON: PU group offers political boot camp for veterans

New Jersey Star Vets Sharpen political skills at Workshop in Princeton - 09/27/09

Army Times - Program Trains Veterans to Run for Office

Marine Corps Times: Event Encourages Vets to Run for Office

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