Veterans Campaign Training Workshops and Symposiums

Participants at the Spring 2015 Candidate Training Workshop discuss the expectations and experience of running for public office with Representative Jim Marshall (D-GA).

Participants at the Spring 2015 Candidate Training Workshop discuss the expectations and experience of running for public office with Representative Jim Marshall (D-GA).

Veterans Campaign's signature Campaign Training Workshop is a weekend bootcamp for veterans, transitioning service members, and other members of the military community committed to pursuing a "Second Service" to their country in elected office and political campaigns. 

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the campaign process from a dynamic team of instructors selected from our cadre of over 200 experts. Panels, role-playing exercises, and breakout sessions will be interspersed with commentary from distinguished public servants, firsthand accounts of veterans who have been in your shoes, and opportunities to meet with instructors, fellow attendees, and honored guests.

For our next workshop, we are especially excited to be partnering with the New York City Veterans Alliance and Civic Hall Labs for an April 28-30th workshop in the heart of New York City. 

NYC Veteran Candidate Workshop: April 28-30

April 28th: Optional Evening Reception/ Meet and Greet

  • Hear initial comments from speakers who represent a wide set of perspectives from across the political landscape
  • Meet other politically invested veterans focused on "second service" after their military careers
  • Friendly, reception-oriented networking in preparation for the workshop

April 29th: Preparing Yourself to Run

  • Identifying the right office and issues to focus on
  • Developing and practicing your message
  • Presenting yourself as a candidate
  • Fundraising
  • Running as a veteran
  • Reception

April 30th: Running a Successful Campaign

  • Building your campaign team
  • Running a well-managed, focused race
  • Getting out the vote
  • Where to turn for help

Cost: $395 includes tuition, meals, registration fees, a ticket to the reception, and program materials, including a copy of our guidebook for veteran candidates, The Candidate's Field Manual.

Financial Assistance: We understand the workshop cost is a significant financial commitment for anyone, especially transitioning veterans and our many applicants working in public service (a description that very much includes our own staff!) . If desired, upon acceptance to the program we will work with you to fundraise to cover the cost of attendance. If it is your first time asking for money, it will be an uncomfortable but incredibly rewarding process, as the experience fundraising in a guided learning environment before then during the workshop is a safe way to develop a practice and skill that will be crucial to your future success in civic and political leadership. We do have limited scholarship funding available to match the funds raised by applicants. Here is our pledge to you: if you have the discipline and drive to pitch others to invest in your mission to lead, we will find a way to get you to the workshop to refine your skills.

Why Is It So Expensive? We are also strongly committed to delivering the quality of programming necessary to set you up for success in pursuing a "second service" in civic and political leadership. After experimenting with a variety of training methods in over 20 workshops, we have learned that 'basic training' is not the time to cut corners. We have already been able to subsidize the full cost to train each participant by over $1,000 per person through existing gifts and are actively fundraising to offer additional scholarships. If you don't think the training was worth the cost, we will refund your tuition--to date, not one of our 1,000+ alumni have ever asked.