Veterans Campaign depends on volunteers and pro bono work. Whether your skills are in campaigning, research, legal work, business, journalism, accounting, public relations, or simply elbow grease, Veterans Campaign can use your skills and enthusiasm to provide our nation’s veterans the skills they need to successfully run for office.

We will be growing significantly in 2018 and are looking for proactive, action-oriented, ambitious people who want to pour themselves into this team at the same level as the student vets who formed the backbone of the organization's founding team.

Interns can expect to work in one or more of these categories: project and event management, programming, outreach, social media, advertising, fundraising, website design, and networking with veterans and active duty personnel. Our interns do not do office chores and menial, bite-sized tasks. This internship is a rewarding experience providing students the opportunity to work with recent veterans, flag-level officers, US Congressmen, and other VIPs. Prior experience is less important than people who are highly motivated to succeed. Lastly, our internships are flexible with other commitments--interns will make his or her own hours each month.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Veterans Campaign also needs volunteers to assist in event logistics throughout the year. These events include the Distinguished Speaker Series and the weekend campaign training workshops. Distinguished Speaker events are typically held on the first Wednesday every month, headlined by a military veteran Congressman. Volunteers will be able to spend a significant amount of time networking with guests.

How to Get Involved:

Interested interns and/or volunteers should email with a short statement about themselves, why and how they would like to get involved, and their future career goals.

Thank you for your support.