Veterans State Leaders Summit 2018

     Over 1,000 veterans and reservists are serving on the "front lines of democracy" as elected officials in state legislatures, not to mention countless more military spouses, legislative staffers, state executives, and state administration officials. What could happen if those people came together to build a network of emerging leaders in every state? What could happen if a little more attention and resources were devoted to supporting their efforts to make positive change in thousands of communities across the country?

We invite State Leaders to join us in Los Angeles August 2-3, 2018 for the first-ever Veterans State Leaders Summit, convened by Veterans Campaign in partnership with the National Conference of State Legislators Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs.


Veterans Campaign is a non-partisan, non-ideological educational organization devoted to empowering the military community to continue their service in civic and political leadership. We have trained hundreds of candidates for elected office at every level of government and thousands of aspiring future civic leaders, staffers, and advocates. As such, we see both the crucial importance and tremendous potential impact of supporting, connecting, and providing professional development opportunities to America's 'front line leaders' in every state.

Summit Agenda

     Using a curriculum built on the best practices from working with hundreds of campaigns and advocacy initiatives at every level of office, leading political professionals and subject-matter experts, and the latest academic research, the Summit’s classes and practical exercises are designed to equip the State Leaders with the knowledge and skills of how to improve their legislative efforts, political campaigns, and civic or advocacy initiatives to make a difference in their communities. 

     Participants will also have the option to choose between a variety of breakout sessions led by partner organizations, ranging from campaign experts presenting cutting-edge digital fundraising techniques, to grassroots organizing best practices, to representatives from D.C. think tanks seeking to engage State Leaders in their efforts to formulate American foreign policy and connect community leaders with international opportunities, to name a few.

     Most importantly, the Summit is intended to lay the groundwork for a network of veterans and military affiliates in state leadership and gather their input in the vision for the founding of an ongoing Veteran State Leaders Program that supports emerging leaders across the country in their pursuit of a “second service” in civic and political leadership. If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, register below!

About the Event

     This summit will be hosted on August 2-3 during the 2018 Legislative Summit in Los Angeles, CA, and it is intended for state legislators, their staff, and state executive leaders. The first day will be a Joint NCSL-Veterans Campaign Event, primarily consisting of discussions and seminars dealing with veterans affairs, and the second will be solely the Veterans State Leaders Summit, focused on classes and networking.

     There is no cost to attend, and, should you do so, it is highly recommended that you attend the NSCL Military Task Force Meeting before attending the Veterans State Leaders Summit. There is also no cost to attend the Task Force meeting, though you still need to register for it.

     If you would like to partner with us or be a sponsor, please email us at


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