Decline of Veterans in Congress Begins to Reverse, Post-9/11 Veterans in Office Grow


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Historical Comparison: Veterans Campaign's "Field Report: Veteran Candidates in the 2014 Election"

Our biennial Field Report details the results and trends regarding veteran candidates, issued after each congressional election. We gather detailed information on veteran candidates from the mayoral level and higher. This research includes branch of service, deployments, education, and rank. In addition we gather demographic data about national and gubernatorial races, utilizing metrics like the Cook Partisan Voting Index and the Sabato Crystal Ball, allowing for deeper analysis. This data allows you to identify information about veteran candidates on three levels: individual, national, and historical. 

The Field Report is an excellent tool for finding individual veteran candidates with future potential or who may become a rising political star. This is especially true of younger veteran cohorts who are beginning to make an impact in local governance and state legislatures. It is also useful as an at-a-glance reference for members of Congress and current governors with a military background. 

Taken together, our data allow you to see national characteristics regarding veteran candidates. Combining factors such as education, party affiliation, demographics, and service record allows a user to get a more nuanced and detailed picture of how veterans differ from other candidates. Does a certain party attract more veteran candidates than another? Does the era in which a veteran served impact his or her campaign prospects? How many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans make up Congress? How do women veterans fare in races, and do they tend to be affiliated with a specific party? Do veteran challengers face election in tougher districts than non veterans? Our comprehensive package addresses these questions and raises more.

Finally, our Field Report describes historical trends of veterans in office. The general decline of veterans in Congress is widely reported, yet our data offers a detailed analysis of the changing composition.

-- Our 2016 Field Report on the 115th Congressional elections, down-ballot races, and trends in veterans' political leadership will be released in early 2017--